Monday, June 22, 2009

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Take Your Toddler Outside!

Now that it's officially summer, take your little one outside for some time in nature. Or better yet, take them camping! It's Camping Week - the 4th week of June according for Wikipedia. Celebrate by setting up a tent at a campsite near your home or even in your backyard. Even if you just take a nap out there, it will be fun for your child.

Have your toddler collect rocks, leaves, acorns, etc. You can make a bird feeder from a pine cone you collect or assemble some trail mix for your "hike" - even if it's just around the block. Point out the birds and bunnies for your child; you don't have to see a bear or a mountain lion to make it a fruitful time in nature.

If you'd like more ideas to share with your child for the week, please visit and find a whole week's worth of fun for you to have with your child.